Make a get well gift basket.

Every one loves to feel loved and what better way to show your love and care for other than by making them a gift basket! I am a HUGE fan of gift baskets. I love the beauty and playfulness of them. Which is why I love to make them!! Gift baskets don’t just say “I’m thinking of you” but they also let the person know they are worth putting effort into.

There is an art to putting together a beautiful and practical gift basket. You first need to think about the person that you are gifting it to and put that into consideration when buying the contents of the basket for them. You will also need to think about the occasion that you are gifting this for. Now this basket we are talking about today is a get well basket so obviously we are gifting it to a person who is sick. The particular basket I will be showing you will be a cold and flu basket.

Making the basket-

This get well basket is just a simple I’m thinking of you type basket. It’s very simple to put together and inexpensive.

You will need-

  • a soup bowl
  • tissue paper
  • travel size tylenol or some other pain and fever killer
  • travel size tissue pack
  • chap stick (I used carmex but you can use whatever you would like)
  • travel size disinfectant wipe pack
  • trial size bath salt ( I used village natural therapy for aches and pains)4a194905-59c7-4abc-9e22-024bdfe96006_1-d8ee075d02a10dff765c2d38959b7b5b
  • small cup of microwavable Campbell’s soup
  • lastly a sweet gift tag which will be offered to download free at the end of the post

Now for the fun part, putting it together!

Tip: when putting together a gift basket use double sided tape or glue dots to get your arrangement to stay in place.

You will be putting all your elements in the soup bowl, first arrange the tissue paper in the bowl. You won’t need a lot for this gift just enough to make it look pretty. Next you will arrange the content into the bowl ( I suggest putting the biggest items in first then fitting the smaller ones around it). This is how I arranged it, I put the Campbell’s in first then I stuck the wipes and salt in the back along with the carmex, followed by the Tylenol and tissue pack to the side. Attach a string to you tag and tape the end to the inside of the bowl and there you have it!


Show your loved ones you care with a sweet get well basket made by you just for them!

To download and print your fun free get well gift tags select HERE!!!


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