30 day love your husband challenge.

We all want to love on our husbands, that’s obvious but sometimes life gets busy and we need a little nudge in the right direction. The sad truth is we often forget to take time out of our day just to focus on our man. Just like we need him, he also needs us! If your finding yourself having a hard time focusing on loving your hubby it’s time to take action with this 30 day challenge. 30 days is all that I’m asking from you to make a point to do something special for your hubby each day! Lucky for you, you won’t have to think of 30 different things to do for your love, I have done that for you.

Day 1- send him a loving text

Day 2- make him a special lunch

Day 3- give him a big kiss when he gets home from work (or whenever you first see him that day)

Day 4- scratch his back

Day 5- write him a love note

Day 6- hug him 3 times today

Day 7- leave him his favorite treat

Day 8- ask him about his day and really listen

Day 9- talk about one of his interests with him

Day 10- take him to do something he likes to do

Day 11- leave him a loving voicemail

Day 12- let him pick the show he wants to watch

Day 13- tell him 3 things you love about him

Day 14- make or buy him his favorite dessert

Day 15- sit outside stargazing and talk about when you were dating

Day 16- let him have some alone time

Day 17- play video games with him

Day 18- make a “why I love you” list

Day 19- send him a sexy text

Day 20- flirt with him

Day 21-make him breakfast with a “have a great day” note

Day 22- Go on a hike with him

Day 23- make out with him

Day 24- tell him how proud you are of him

Day 25- play a game with him

Day 26- tell him how happy you are that you married him

Day 27- ask him how you can help him today

Day 28- hug him and tell him how handsome he is

Day 29- shower with him and wash his body for him

Day 30- give him a guy’s night out

Stay dedicated and show your hubby your love for him! Print this list for free HERE!


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