Super hero marathon!

Are you and your husband super hero lovers? Then this is the date for you! Grab a blanket and some popcorn and settle down for a marathon to trump all others!

What you’ll need for this marathon of champions..

Snacks 🙂

You’ll be sitting for a while so make sure you have food and drinks prepared and ready to go.

Blankets and pillows

Snuggle up with your lover and some blankets and pillows, since this is a marathon you’ll want to be comfortable.

Your free date printable

That’s right I have the printable’s prepared and ready for you to download and print off so you can get the best out of your super movie marathon date!

Your favorite super hero movies

Of course your going to need a couple of your favorite super hero movies to watch! If you don’t own any or want to watch different ones Amazon has tons of great movies you can rent and stream for $4 or less. Here are a few of my favorites that you can stream on amazon. I have gone ahead and created a link to each of these movies on amazon, just select the movie you want to stream.

Give him the invite.


One of my favorite things to do on dates I plan is to give my hubby a fun invite at the beginning of the week. It adds a little extra excitement to the date and gives him something to look forward to through the week.

Have fun and get creative with how you want to give it to him. You could slip it into his lunch, put it in an envelope with his favorite candy, or just hand it to him with a kiss the point is that you let him know that you’ve planned a date that he will love. You can also include this fun showtime card telling him what movies you’re going to watch and at what times.

 If you don’t want him to know everything about your fun date you can save the card for movie day.

Super movie bingo!


It’s always fun to add a little spice to your movie date. Bring out your competitive side, as you watching the movie look for things that are on your bingo card. For example if you see someone bleeding and that’s one of your space is on your bingo card mark it. You can mark your card with whatever you want, I chose to mark mine with gummy bears. Be careful not to give away any of your spaces to your spouse. They will have the same things to look for but have different spaces to fill. On the bottom of your card you can write what you’ll get if you get a bingo. 20170130_124205

I want a kiss if I get a bingo where as my husband wants a back rub. Make sure your winnings for a bingo are short and sweet you don’t want to have to pause your movie for twenty minutes each time someone gets a bingo. After all this is a marathon. Go for something that’s short and allows you to do it while the movie is playing. You can play two ways, 1) if someone gets a bingo you both have to clear your boards 2) if someone gets a bingo only they have to clear their board. If you are more of a competitive couple the first option may be the best choice for you. If you’re more in a relaxed mood the second option might be your choice. You also can choose after each bingo to change what your bingo reward is or keep it the way it is. Have fun with it!

When the credits roll.

Don’t worry it’s not over yet! Once the credits roll on that last movie hand your hubby the end of date card inviting him into the bedroom with a fun poem ;).


 Ready for your super movie date adventure?



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