frugal winter dates.

Everyone knows that when your married money can be tight at times, and if you have kids your spending money gets even more restrictive. How can you afford to go on dates when you have bills to pay? Believe it or not there are many date options that cost little to no money! Some seasons have more options than others though, winter is one of those seasons that doesn’t have as many cheap or free activities. That is why I have compiled a list of frugal date ideas for winter. There’s nothing like a little wintertime loving to spark your romantic side!

  1. Sledding

    There’s nothing like this tried and true winter activity. You can get in touch with your inner child as your slide down the snowy slopes with your sweetie pie. Finish off with some hot chocolate and cuddles.

  2. The Costco date

    Now this one does require you to have a Costco card but for those who have one this is the date for you. We all know that Costco gives out great samples, so what better way to spend this date then by trying ALL of them! That’s right, for this date you will be taste testing the large array of samples offered at Costco! Have fun exploring the large store in search of samples and looking around at all the fun things offered there. Once you finish you can share a smoothie at their convenient food court.

  3. Furniture fun

    This is one my husband and I enjoy when we don’t have any money to spend. Spend your date testing out soft couches and luxurious mattresses at your local furniture store. Talk about future furnishing you would like to buy and spend this time bonding and enjoying each others company. Don’t forget to hold hands and sneak in a few kisses.

  4. Drive in for two

    If you have kids and need to get away for some peace and quiet but don’t have money to go anywhere special I recommend this one to you.Grab the laptop, and your favorite movie and hit the road. Find a nice place to park either a scenic view or at your local park, pull out the laptop and enjoy your favorite movie in the comfort of your car. It’s like your back in time! Don’t forget the snacks.

  5. The dollar store date

    Give each person $3 plus tax. Your objective is this, you each will look around the store for three things to buy the other but there’s a catch. The first item must be something that reminds you of your spouse. It can be something that reminds you of your first date, first month of marriage, funny thing that happened with you two…basically anything that makes you think of them. The second item must be a treat that you think your spouse would enjoy. The third item must be something for a romantic evening. You can get candles, fake rose petals, etc. Once both of you are done head home with your items, still keeping them a secret from each other. When you arrive home head for the bedroom where you can exchange items. Make sure to add in the story behind each item. Tell them why the first item reminded you of them and why you thought they would enjoy the second item. Then pull out your third item for a romantic night in the bedroom, wink wink.

  6. Let’s play pool!

    Locate somewhere near you that offers pool and go play. Make sure to bring some quarters just in case the pool table requires quarters to play. This is a fun and simple way to connect with your man.

  7. Movie marathon

    Pick a movie series you own and watch the series all the way through! A word of caution though, unless your feeling motivated to watch hours and hours of movies pick a series with 2-3 movies in it. Sorry to break it to you but trying to watch all the Harry Potter movies may not be the best choice. If your feeling extra creative buy snacks the pertain to the movie, this can be a fun addition to the date. If your not feeling as creative regular snacks work just as well.

  8. Youtube dates

    Youtube has everything you can think of, from workout videos to karaoke songs. There are so many dates that you can do by just using Youtube. Feeling a little more energetic? Do a workout video with your hubby. If he’s up for it try a yoga video (this one can be quite comical if your man isn’t to flexible). Feeling a little more fun? Look up karaoke videos and sing your heart out. You can get up and dance to, look up just dance videos and dance along. Want something more relaxing? Look up a massage tutorial and give each other a well deserved massage.

  9. Paint chip mosaic

    You know those paper samples of paint colors? That’s what you’ll be looking for in this date. Go to the closest store that sells paint and collect a large portion of those free paper paint samples, take them home and get ready to get creative. Sit down with your hubby and start cutting up the samples. Don’t be to particular about shapes just cut random chunks off until they are all cut into pieces. Now you can choose whether you want to work on the art project together or each do your own. Grab the glue and a piece of card stock and get started. Create a mosaic out of the paint sample pieces you cut out. It can be eccentric or more traditional, just have fun with it. Once you are done display your final product. Don’t forget to talk, laugh and enjoy being with each other, after all that is what the point of a date is.

  10. Let’s explore

    Most towns have a some sort of street that has a strip of old stores going down it, at least mine does. No matter where you choose to go, choose an area with stores you’ve never been in that are pretty close together, since its cold you won’t want to walk that far. Find a parking spot, get out and explore! walk up and down the street going into stores that spark your interest. Pretend like your dating again, holding hands everywhere you go.

  11. Book a date

    Find a bookstore in your area. If you have more money to spend Barnes and Noble may be a fun place for you. If your funds are less find a nice thrift book store to spend this date. If your spending money is zero head to your local library. You can do this two ways, you can decide to pick a book out together that your both interested in or find a book for your other half that you think they’d like. Then head somewhere to get a treat such as an ice cream shop and look over your books together.


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